Audronaša • • 2023.01.16



  • Mustasch
    Double nature
  • Texas hippie coalition
    Pissed of and mad about it
  • Hellhookah
    The final run of sunrise
  • Atomwinter 
    The lungs ov hell
  • Atomwinter
    the dark void
  • Atomwinter
    Born in to iron coffins
  • Ulthar
    Coagulation of forms
  • Unleashed
    Here at the end of the world
  • Overkill
    Bitter kill
  • Misopsychia
    An ideal degenerate
  • The Lovecrfat sextet
  • The dark side of the moon
    Double trouble lumos! (Hedwig’s theme)
  • Kamelot
    One more flag in the ground