Eroott • • 2023.11.06



  • Errol Sly
    Love In Your Heart
  • Charles Bradley, the inversions
    Whatcha Doing (To Me)
  • Creation Rebel Feat. Prince Far I
    Swiftly (The Right One)
  • Burning Spear
    Jah Boto
  • Hugh Maddo
    Take Bribe
  • Sylford Walker
    Eternal day
  • Linval Thompson
    I Love Jah
  • Scientist
    Ghost of Frankenstein
  • Ibrahim Hesnawi
  • Hemsley Morris
    You Think I’m a Fool
  • Lacksley Castell
    What A Great Day
  • Pat Simpson
    Teach Them
  • Bob Marley
    Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah (Dub)
  • Clarence Parks
    Things A Come Up To Bump
  • The Circle of Confusion
    Soul of a Lion (feat. Wayne Paul)
  • Thanks & praises
    Jah Lives Yes He Does