Puota w/ Audrius Pocius & Deimantė Bulbenkaitė • Vytenis Burokas • 2023.03.23

Svečiuose menininkas, kuratorius, skulptūros dėstytojas, parodos „Pamušalai" autorius Vytenis Burokas.

Fade In Gently w/ Manfredas • 2023.03.21

In the 17th episode of Fade In Gently, Manfredas shares an eclectic selection featuring Metro Area, Silvestre, Saint Abdullah, and many other artists.

Ukraine Resistance Radio • 2023.03.19

A new project aiming to amplify underground Ukrainian artists and their collaborations with International allies.

Equalized w/ Migluma • 2023.03.15

Migluma presents her favorite female & queer music producers who draw inspiration from contemporary club culture.

Keista w/ Kudirka • 2023.03.14

In the 19th episode of "Keista," Kudirka explores the theme of life by connecting each song of the show to the keyword "life".

“Hello, Vilnius!”
My God, when I hear them on the radio saying that,
it gets me up and running.

It’s way more than one’s ears can hold,
Radio Vilnius is the new independent voice in the city.