Lapkričio 20 orkestro laida: Po skėču • w/ Superkoloritas • 2024.06.11

Laidoje nagrinėjami Superkolorito kūrybos juodraščiai.

Sunkissed w/ B. GODSun • PRIDE EDITION • 2024.06.10

For Pride Month, I wanted to celebrate the sounds and voices of the Ballroom community. They’ve paved the way for beautiful Black and brown people to live freely, build community and showcase our talents be it in performance, music or even fashion. From Kevin Jz Prodigy to Byrell The Great, the Ballroom community is not only a New York City staple but a place I’m grateful to call home. Feeling so inspired by my family in the Ballroom scene, I decided to tease my first track ever created so come get your 10’s, beloved and have a safe and exicing Pride Month to all!

Suokalbis • su Vytautu Anužiu • 2024.06.05

Suokalbis su Vytautu Anužiu apie režisieriaus kultą, muštrą, teatro tendencijas, apie čia ir dabar ir apie ten ir tada, apie Juozą Miltinį, Leonidą Donskį, Joną Vaitkų, MeToo ir kartų skirtumus.

“Hello, Vilnius!”
My God, when I hear them on the radio saying that,
it gets me up and running.

It’s way more than one’s ears can hold,
Radio Vilnius is the new independent voice in the city.