Proginė • w/ Sholto Dobie & yyed • 2023.06.09

Proginė returns with a special guest mix from yyed.




  • sounds of Hatenashi pass
  • Jürgen Eckloff
    Bei Wanzen Geld Zurück
  • Aliénor Golvet
    Turning a Sphere Inside Out
  • Mama Bär
    Schizophonie III
  • Alan Harding Mackey
    Space In General
  • T.D.
    Life Lies
  • Grisha Shakhnes
    About To Collapse
  • Yoshi Wada
    March 15, Part 2
  • Teemu Ruissalo
    hoist . maest
  • Ross Manning
    Figurements in downward action
  • Mona Hatoum
    So Much I Want To Say
  • Skin Graft
    Ruin Side B

Sholto Dobie

  • Skúli Sverrisson & Óskar Guðjónsson
    The Typist
  • Elina Bolshenkova
    Earth Memory
  • Alison Knowles
    Sounds from the Book of Bean
  • Christian Mirande
    Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next a) Vecherinka b) Mallacoota c) Bike Ride To The Library d) Frisson
  • LA Timpa
    through mine
  • Giuseppe Ielasi