Proginė • w/ Laurie Tompkins • 2024.02.08



  • I’m Going To Spain
    The Fall
  • I Work the Whole City (from ‘Taxi Driver’)
    Bernard Hermann
  • Soy Gitano (Tangoes)
    Cameron de la Isla
  • Miss America
    David Byrne
  • T Strut
    Yes Indeed
  • Matia Ble
    Antonis Delaportas
  • Bepe La Bulaka
    Ghedalia Tazartes
  • Beach Theme (from ‘Thief’)
    Tangerine Dream
  • Kyrie
    Popol Vuh
  • Personal Climate: Travel Dream Song (from ‘Atlas – Part 1’)
    Meredith Monk
  • The Fog
    Kate Bush
  • The Fog
    John Carpenter
  • Spoilt
    Merlin Nova
  • The Drop (excerpt)
    Laurie Tompkins & Max Syedtollan
  • Pants
    John M. Bennett
  • Every Joke An Angel
    Territorial Gobbing
  • Deluxe (Immer Wieder)