it's just all about music • w/ Orchid • 2024.03.29

Orchid. Music serves as a powerful catalyst, infusing motivation and energy into every aspect of his life. His passion lies in genres like Italo Disco, New Beat, and Trance from the 80s. His journey into music composition began in 2009, and since then, his work has graced various labels worldwide. From Canadian-based MultiCulti to Spain's Playground Records, France's Esthetique Records, Netherlands' Sinichi Collestive, England/Germany's Nein Records, Uruguay's U're Guay Records, Colombia's Bogoture Records, USA's Samo Records, and numerous others, his music has found its home across the globe.



  • Quest
    Moon mix
  • Phunky Torso
  • Too Tough
  • Speedy J
    Pepper (Hot Mix)
  • Scope Zone
    Liquid Earth (Youandewan Remix)
  • Open Up (Dervish Overdrive)

  • Bliss Science
  • Baldo
    Ex Machina (Trance Mix)

  • Nights in Shizuoka
  • Globular

  • Art of Trance Killamanjaro (Original Mix)

  • Master of the Rain Forest