Half Past Now • Tour of Glasgow • 2024.04.30



  • Mark Hex
    This is Glasgow
  • Sluts of Trust
    Piece o’ You
  • The Hermit Crabs
    Fell Good Factor
  • The Bucky Rage
    Once upon a time in West End
  • Just Joans
    Boy You’re oh so Sensitive
  • Sweeney Stradles the Sun
    Castlemilk Town Disco
  • Carlos Adolfo Dominguez
  • The Poppadoms
    Only Good at the Things I Like
  • Nanobots
    Spontaneous Combustion
  • The Kazoo Funk Orchestra
    Life, Stars and Shit
  • The Kazoo Funk Orchekstra
  • The Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5
    These are not the drugs(you’re looking for)
  • Roy Moller
    Byres Road on Saturday
  • The Gyrobabies
    Overheard in the West End
  • Doss
  • Doss
    The Mullets are Moving in
  • Fiendz YT
    Tesco Elvis
  • Yabba
    Get by
  • The Ninth Wave
    I am Only Going to Hurt You
  • Last Boy
  • Health and Beauty
    True Love Waits
  • Walt Disco
    Cut Your Hair
  • Gravelle
    Touch Me
  • Comfort
    Not Passing
  • Apostille
    Saturday Night, We Are Still Breathing
  • Darren McGarvey (Loki The Scottish Rapper)
    Loki’s The Name
  • Guests
    A Veneer, A Promise, Whatever