Partyzanai Broadcast • • 2021.07.02



  • Bleach Cult
    A Coke With Hollie (Zoé Zoe Dimension Remix) (Partyzanai POP)
  • Kutiman
    Maasai In Dub (Kutiman)
  • Ramzi
    Nofo (12th Isle)
  • Noise Unit
    Feel The Anguish (Antler-Subway)
  • Joel Graham
    Geomancy (Music From Memory)
  • The Durutti Column
    Contra-Indications (Factory)
  • Lifetones
    Distance No Object (Light In The Attic)
  • Ability II
    Pressure Dub (Bassic)
  • Julian Jonah
    Jealousy And Lies (Cooltempo)
  • Click + Click
    Love affair (Chiwax)
  • 11. Bleach Cult
    Acid Shades (Black Feeling Remix) (Partyzanai POP)


Special Partyzanai Broadcast episode dedicated to Bleach Cult’s „Summertime Whiteout Remixes“ EP launch on Partyzanai Pop Records. A debut Bleach Cult album “Summertime Whiteout” – the quirky ambient pop record that fantasizes about 1960s surf culture and romanticizes the never-ending dilemmas of teen life – got seven versatile interpretations from diverse Partyzanai comrades. Ement transformed “A Coke With Hollie” into a rockabilly dancefloor sweat version, while Five Rituals duo converted the same song into a broken deconstructed club track. Sound designer Shkema took as usually a slow groove “mushroom” house approach and Zoe Zoe created an AI-based leftfield vocal version. Black Feeling transformed “Acid Shades” into a balleric dancefloor tune and Mart created a dreamy guitar-synths version of “Kenny”. Finally, Alex Krell adapts “Neon sugar” into a true rave-ish anthem. The serving of mentioned remixes gets premiered and executed by Gvidas.