Partyzanai Broadcast • • 2021.09.24




“Special Partyzanai Broadcast episode dedicated to Ement „Metatone“ LP launch on the brand new sub-label PZ Records. Metatone is a tonic-containing substance used to help restore health and vitality after illnesses or when you are feeling tired. A metaphor, which perfectly describes Ement’s debut album – a mixture of peak-time electro/techno tunes spiced up with the modern traces of EBM, which perfectly fits clubs and festivals. It is a personal dancefloor experience materialization of a non-stop party rebel, who started his music production journey in the periphery and got inspired by his brother’s hard dance production experiments. After an intensive exploration of the local and foreign club scene through years of intensive djing, remixing and never-ending afterhours, Ement finalized his recent definition of dance, which launches on the new co-curated PZ Records label. An unexpected break and a long-lasting limbus of the dancefloor consumption turned out as a perfect slot to reveal one of many underestimated Lithuanian producers, who are too shy and too critical to themselves. It’s no fiction, as “How Much Is Too Much” was already noticed and compiled by Dave Clark in his “Whitenoise” radio show. The serving of Ement debut album „Metatone“ gets premiered and executed by PZ Records founders – Mantas T. and Ement.”


  • Ability II –
    Pressure Dub / Bassic Records
  • Scape One –
    Five Hundred Eyes / Central Processing Unit
  • Babylon X
    Hyper Love / Tofistock
  • 5ZYL & Shit Control
    Krug (False Persona Remix) / Unreleased
  • Ement
    Don’t Call Me If You Need Me / PZ Records
  • Boom Generation
    Zonix / Proxy Records
  • Delta Funktionen
    Vertikal World /  Deeptrax Records
  • Akli
    Baime (Teatre Remix) / Partyzanai Pop Upcoming Release
  • Crystal Geometry
    Guillotine / Sonic Groove
  • 5ZYL & Bask
    Unrevealed Species / PZ Records Upcoming Release
  • Ma Sha
    Mechanical Rustle / Kindergarten Records
  • Ement
    Hunt / PZ Records
  • Ement
    I Can’t Hold This / PZ Records
  • Nene H
    Hush Now / Possession