ful فول w/ Marijan • & Yamen Mekdad • 2023.03.10

An episode dedicated to the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.




Yamen Mekdad is an artist, curator, music researcher, filmmaker, DJ and radio host based in London. His practice is an experimentation in radical collaboration. His interests in field recording, archiving, radio and grassroots organizing led him to co-found Sawt of the Earth and Makkam, two London-based collectives. He is a frequent contributor to a number of radio stations, including Root, Balami, NTS and AlHara Radio.  Yamen is currently co-producer and curator of two endeavors: the Syrian Cassette Archives (a web platform dedicated to the preservation and research of the Syrian cassette era) and the Syrian Arts and Culture Festival. Yamen has performed and collaborated with various artists/art institutions in the UK and internationally. He is also one of the founders of SADAA Sound Syndicate, and is currently releasing ‘Shapeshifting’, a documentary on the electronic music scene in Syria and the Syrian music diaspora, which will be released in May.