Whoop! • with Ferro • 2023.10.31




About Ferro:

“Ferro is clearly walking his own path. Being the frontman and A&R of VBX, an Amsterdam-based record label which also hosts its own events. Aside from this, he performs across the globe at events like HYTE, Kiesgrube, Unusual Suspects and FUSE London, for whom he plays on a regular basis. Production-wise Ferro hasn’t been standing still either. These past years he has released on imprints as Oscillat, Lessizmore, Infuse & VBX. His inspiration comes from the balance of good and evil forces in this world, or as he likes to put it himself; the light and dark sides to everything, one cannot do without the other. Although this vision has always been his, Ferro has been consciously putting this ethic into his sets and productions this past year. Through spiritual experiences and meditation Ferro has gotten to this point in his career.”