Guilt-free Pleasures • w/ Ilius & Švenčionis • 2024.01.23



  • King Crimson
    I Talk To The Wind
  • Fortunato Durutti Malinetti
    Lightning on a Sunny Day
  • Yossari Baby
    Je Suis Mort
  • Nouveaux
    First Glance
  • Panstarrs
    de7k el 7ob
  • Tanit
    Can an Actor Bleed?
  • Badd Wolf
    Man in Black (Johnny Cash)
  • Le Diable Degoutant
    Complainte De La Bete
  • Scattered Order
    Absolute Moral Icepools
  • Scala
  • Deerhoof
    Mothball The Fleet
  • Ian Elms
    A Light Moves Across Curtains
  • Fetisch Park
  • Xmal Deutschland
  • Rob Mazurek & Damon Locks
    Breeze Of Time
  • Static Cleaner Lost Reward
    Basic Trouble
  • The Durutti Column
    Sketch For Dawn II
  • J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest
    Full Stops
  • Duran Duran
    Save A Prayer
  • Colin Newman
  • Cosey Muller
    False Confidence
  • Eric Random & The Bedlamites
    Mad As Mankind