Synergy Cult • w/ aist & zenwerk • 2024.02.27



1st hour – zenwerk

  • zenwerk
    Hold Out Your Hand [unreleased]
  • Rework
    Loin de Moi (Ryan Crosson Remix)
  • DJ T
    Time out (Random factor mix)
  • Carsten Fietz
    Morph 23
  • Submeditation
    Divided (Byron Bogues Remix)
  • zenwerk
    haosfio [unreleased]
  • Maks Yos
    Smeared Vibe (Vox Mix)
  • zenwerk
    alekino [unreleased]
  • Velasco
    Push Push Push (Extended Mix)
  • Jo Bogaert
    Water (Spooky’s Heavy Water Remix)
  • zenwerk feat. SVET on Violin

2nd hour – aist

  • Seeds of Triangulation
    All This Kind (Puffalufagous Mix)
  • Freaky Chakra
    Glimmer of Dope Theme 3
  • Dream 2 Science
    Breathe Deep
  • Bill & Seb
    Into The Light
  • Saeed & Palash
    Losing Control
  • D. Troy
    Sixteen U (Antoine 909 Remix)
  • Cool Front
    No More Disco (Mike Spirit & Thierry Thomas Edit)
  • DJ Nelburner
    Doing Anything Fun This Weekend?
  • Der Dritte Raum
  • Dook Moyza
    Ram N Damn
  • ricardo tobar
    La Femme Aux Masques (SYO Summer of Love Remix)
  • Brahma
    Even Flow
  • MikeroBenics
    The Cat and the Canary