The Soulful Exchange of Xenodochy w/ B. GODSun • Vol. XII: reflection (part II) • 2023.12.12

The season finale of The Soulful Exchange of Xenodochy (SEX) has finally arrived. My disassociation led me to moments of intoxication and insatiability over the years. In that time, I found an affection that felt like the universe to me but eventually reached its faultline of a break(up) and left me in a constant state of asking myself “who am eye?”. The only way out was through so I forced myself to return to the space of spirituality. Singing many negro spirituals and prayers gave me the peace to begin my transition into who eye am. My blackness and its multitudes are the best things about me and it all came from the lessons instilled in me from the ghetto. The only thing left now is to look at the reflection and celebrate the being I am finally loving. This year was really one for the books but the inaugural season of SEX gave me so much joy to not only share the beauty of soulful music but a new way to express my intricate mind. This episode is for everyone who has experienced (or are experiencing) change, loss, growth, patience, and faith. Thank you to everyone who tuned in this season and gave so much love and warmth to the show every month. Season I was the foreplay. Season II is going to get more SEX-y!



  • Sonny Sharrock
    Black Woman
  • Monika LIU
  • Moses Sumney
    San Fran
  • River Tiber
    Senf from Above
  • Frank Ocean
  • Nai Palm
  • ( ( O ) )
    Come Home O’Shawn
  • André 3000
    Ninety Three ’Til Infinity And Beyoncé
  • King Krule
    The Cadet Leaps
  • Blood Orange
    Take Your Time
  • Corinne Bailey Rae
    Green Aphrodisiac
  • Kadhja Bonet
    Second Wind
  • Ravyn Lenae
  • Jay Electronica