Sunkissed w/ B. GODSun • The Regnier Suite • 2023.04.09

Nathalie Regnier was my Government & Economics teacher in my senior year of high school. I have admired her long before I had the privilege of finally being in her classroom. She’s one of the best educators I’ve ever had and taught me much more to life than the contents of her lesson plans. Little did she know that she would impact the trajectory of my life as much as she has. Had it not been for her love and dedication to educating the next generation I would not have made it as far as I have and I could not be more grateful to her and her continuous support. She is someone I’m proud to call my friend and a huge supporter of my dance and music career. This episode is dedicated to her and her love for soulful house music.



  • Aly-Us
    Follow Me
  • B Ross
    Struggle (Vocal Mix)
  • Maurice Joshua & Oscar P
    We Fall Down (Vocal Mix) [feat. Joyce Hurley]
  • Jasper Street Co.
    Pray For You (Louie Vega Remix)
  • DJ Tikyo
    Love Will Bring Us Back (Libation Vocal Mix) [feat. Andrea Love]
  • Mike City
    Do That (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix)
  • DJ Kemit
    Inside Out (feat. Terrance Downs)
  • Clemenston & Earl W. Green
    Special Kind of Love (Deep Soul Syndicate Mix)
  • Josh Milan
    I Will Wait
  • The SoulClub
    How Exciting (Club Mix)