Fundraiser for Gaza • Cheh • 2024.02.03

In the depths of Kaunas, Lithuania, Cheh lurks – a sonic nomad, born Lebanese, raised in the Emirates, now weaving rhythms in the Baltic underground. His journey is summed up as an intimate affair with artists, venues, and festivals, crafting concepts that linger long after the sun rises. Cheh's music is an unpredictable evershifting hypnotic and rhythmic journey. Sharing stages with breakthrough artists, aspiring musicians and heavyweights, he's embedded himself and his audience into musical flow. His alter egos – Sache & Sache, and Olaf Pilestein– leave their mark online and some on the grooves of vinyl.



  • K-S.H.E
    Head (In My Private Lounge, My Pad) 
  • Crystal Mist
  • Samuel Rohrer
    Fourth Density
  • Soundwalk Collective
  • Dhafer Youssef, Nguyen Le, Herbie Hancock
    Omar Khayyam Suite Intro/Outro
  • Ambiq
  • VOID, Cheh
  • Sun-electric
  • Marching On
    Maw Science Beats
  • Lynn Adib
  • Radiohead
  • Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze
    The Final Dat (Part IV)
  • Salar Ansari
    This Cord
  • Speech references:

    • [1990] Ted Koppel interviews Nelson Mandela for ABC News
    • [2015] Naomi Wolf – Debate at Oxford Union Society – Oxford University
    • [2023] Lara Elborno – Speech at Stop the War Rally
    • [2023] Historian Ilan Pappé on Gaza War and Context behind current violence, for Democracy Now
    • [2024] Excerpts of speeches from South Africa lawyers at International Court of Justice
    • Tembeka Ngoukaitobi
    • Adila Hassim
    • Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh
    • Vaughan Lowe
    • Vusimuzi Madonsela