In the weeds w/ Veronika Ivanova • & Angus • 2023.11.16

In this episode, Angus and Veronika discuss sound-walking as a research practice. For more information about Angus’ practice, please visit:



  • The Lounge Lizards
    Bob the Bob
  • Willie Thrasher
  • Giles, Giles, & Fripp
    I Talk To The Wind
  • Mali Obomsawin
  • Willie Dunn
    Son of the Sun
  • Willie Thrasher
    Wolves Don’t Live by the Rules
  • Willy Mitchell
    Call of the Moose
  • Ernest Monias
    Cold Hard Truth
  • Link Wray
    Fallin’ Rain
  • Willie Mitchell and the Desert River Band
    Birchbark Letter
  • Willie Thrasher
    Old Man Carver
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie
  • Lloyd Cheechoo
    Winds of Change
  • Shingoose, with poetry by Duke Redbird
    Silver River
  • Keith Secola
    NDN Kars
  • Blackfoot
    Fox Chase
  • Kansas
    Carry on Wayward Son
  • Redbone
    Come and Get Your Love