Kashual Plastik: People Skills & Frans Æmbient • • 2021.07.15

Team Kashual Plastik at the controls before their night in Vilnius last week. Plus interview with People Skills



          People Skills

  • People Skills
    Inspection 6 (Tricephalic Head, Siltbreeze 2014)
  • People Skills
    Paramnesia (Mount Moriah Tocsin, Alien Passengers 2019)
  • People Skills
    Carrington Moss (Mount Moriah Tocsin, Alien Passengers 2019)
  • People Skills
    Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand (unreleased, originally written by Primitive Radio Gods 1996)
  • People Skills
    Bright Tossed Spire (Former January Ending Through 52 Weeks, 2016)
  • People Skills
    You Can’t Get Away (From Yourself) (Zoom Meeting, Amplify 2020)
  • People Skills
    I So Liked Spring (unreleased, originally written by Linda Smith 1996)
  • People Skills
    Appeal to the Stone (As Thru Days of Endless, Kashual Plastik 2020)
  • People Skills
    Harboring Criminals (Mount Moriah Tocsin, Alien Passengers 2019)
  • People Skills
    Kind of Life (unreleased, originally written by Third Eye Blind 1996)Frans Æmbient
  • Sholto Dobie
  • Wayne Horvitz
    Second line
  • Die Fische
    Fire Of Love
  • P’o
    Back to back
  • normil hawaiians
    Yellow Rain
  • Bron Area
    Les Arbes Kopie 2
  • ML
    I Gave Up
  • Henning Christiansen
    Confessions Of A Hallow
  • J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest
    Human Tissue Act
  • The Ivytree
    All Your Lights
  • Howard Eyon
    Happy Song
  • … and The Native Hipsters
    Rolling Chimes
  • Patrick O’Brien and Karl Von Bamberger
    Still Got Sugar