Radia8 • • 2022.10.27



Intro: Black Elektronika shares his experimental sound recordings (coproduced by Comunita X, Emanuele, Paolo and Ivan Monilia) during his stay at ‘The Corviale’ residency in Rome. Together with Latitudo Art Projects & Magic Carpets. Find out more:

  • https://www.archdaily.com/956906/corviale-a-one-kilometer-residential-complex-in-rome
  • https://www.juodele.com/corviale
  • https://www.latitudo.net/en/art-projects-2/

Other played tracks:

  • Black Elektronika
    Rain (Original Mix)
  • Black Elektronika
    Symphotech (Mastered by BeatQ)
  • Black Elektronika
    Viking (Original Mix)
  • Reboot
    Indigo Moods
  • Black Elektronika
  • Jonas Rathsman & Lazarusman
    Take Me There (Original Mix)
  • Daniel Fernandes
    After All (Original Mix)