Dear Diary w/ Simple Symmetry • • 2021.05.18

Daymares, phone recordings, and psychedelic delights from brothers Sasha & Sergey Lipskiy



  • A phone recording of a taxi driver talking about a connection between a moon and a human during our way home from the airport
    After we had more than 12 hours long connection flight
  • Blacklight Chameleon
    Scorpio All In
  • Deuter
    Pearls (glittering, continuous flow) + a phone recording of ‘Chi Chi Cha Cha Cha’ song from the TV
  • Peter Grudzien
    Kiss me Another
  • Limbo
    The Organized Mind
  • Liquid Idiot
    Scotty Laughs
  • The Sycophants
  • David Fenech & Klimperei
  • Bill Nelson
    The Bride of Christ in Autumn
  • De Fabriek
    Il Giornio Dei Morti
  • Dreamies
    Program Ten (part 1)
  • K. Leimer
  • Carl Stone
    Shing Kee
  • Zann
    Tibetan Bread
  • Suns of Arqa
    Deep Journey
  • Peter Grudzien
    Return of the Unicorn
  • Eola
    B and O Blues
  • Cults Percussion Ensemble
    Circles + a phone recording of a process of grilling sausages last summer at our dacha + Alisa singing ’Chikimaboni’ song
  • Cluster
    Es War Einmal
  • Tiny Tim
    Daddy Daddy What is Heaven Like