Sunkissed w/ B. GODSun • 1+1 = Another One, Thank You! • 2024.03.11

This week marks the second anniversary of my journey with DJing and Sunkissed was my very first radio show (of two) during my RV residency! Every time I create an episode for Sunkissed I’m always wondering how to make each one feel different and better than the last. I’m so fortunate to have not only been able to share music with everyone but drop some historical gems along the way, giving reverence to the people who paved the way for artists such as myself. I love every single moment of working on this show and want to give a massive thanks to Radio Vilnius for giving me this platform to grow and express myself!



  • Arnold Jarvis
    Music Is My Friend
  • Kerri Chandler
  • Marc Cotterell
    In Your Soul
  • Sara Scarabino & C. Robert Walker
    The Heart Knows (Vocal Mix)
  • Kevin Hedge (Blaze)
    Reach For The Stars (Original Mix) [feat. Rick Galactik]
  • Honey Dijon
    Not About You (Extended Mix) [feat. Hadiya George]
  • Paris Cesvette
    Used To Love You (Zepherin Saint Vocal Mix) [feat. TL Cross]
  • Mothers Favorite Child
    Every Time (Ezel Remix) [feat. Morris Alan]
  • Honey Dijon
    Stand (Extended Mix) [feat. Cor.Ece]